June 21 2018 Solargraph

The new solargraph is here! This is a 6 month exposure in my pinhole camera (an old beer can) attached to the basketball pole outside, pointed to the south. The whole idea here is: this is the path of the sun though the sky during different parts of the year. Winter is at the bottom when the sun is low, summer is at the top where the sun is high. This is my first full 6 month solargraph.

I added a drain to the can last December, after the last solargraph had a bad spot in it where the paper sat in the water. Water gets in the pinhole part when it rains. I made a small pinhole in the bottom, and added a second bottom of another can with another pinhole in the bottom of that. A baffle system to not let light into the can from the bottom. I painted this baffle all flat black to not let reflections into the can to the photo paper.