Backyard Observatory

These are my images from my backyard observatory. It is a roll off roof observatory, with two telescopes on one mount and pier. I am sharing all my images, as well as the building of the observatory, and all the equipment it takes to take astronomy images. For the most part, I can open the roof, setup the computer, tell it what to take pictures of – then go to bed. The setup will take pictures all night long, and even refocus the telescope while I sleep.

I takes sub exposures of an object, lets say a galaxy, for several nights. Each sub exposure might be several minutes long. Since my camera is black and white, I take sub exposures with color filters, red, green and blue to get a color image. After taking hundreds of sub exposures, it usually take hours to process the image and come out with the final image. All images on this website were taken by me.


View all my nebula images


View all my galaxy images

Solar System

View all my solar system images


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View the observatory building details

Observatory Equipment

View all my observatory equipment

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