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Nov 20, 2014 -

I've had some success in getting the observatory ready for imaging again. Lots of software to get setup and working together! My last setback was my PDF focuser broke. I got that back from FLI, all repaired now. I still need to finish the processing on my M101 galaxy image. I'm having some trouble with gradients, and it's very difficult with my not so great skills with Photoshop to get the background flattened so the image will look right.

The new AG Optical Systems telescope is almost done! A 14.5" iDK, with carbon fiber tube. The main mirror is getting coated, and it should be shipped to me soon after that. I'll be replacing the C11 with the new 14.5" telescope, quite an upgrade! Below is the telescope, still under construction at AG Optical Systems.

Steve Riley

11/27/2014 3:24 AM

Hot Water: 105.1 degrees

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